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Villa VM

Category: Built

Refurbishment of Ligurian farmhouse  - Andora, Liguria, Italy


Refurbishment of an agricultural villa into an efficient and modern family home, maximizing the spaces and natural light. A new spacious living area is connected to the new kitchen and dining. The house is surrounded by full high sliding windows which open up to the adjacent garden and patio space, the extension of the living space. An outside kitchen with dining and BBQ is positioned next to the breakfast area. Timber stairs lead up to the private area of the house, with a playful interaction between the spaces. The house extents over four stories accommodating a home office, various guestrooms, a kids play and Tv room, an outside pool, as well as a generous fruit and vegetable garden.

Natural materials are mixed with a vivid interior design, bringing different furniture pieces together for a cozy and functional family living.

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