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Villa 2G

Category: Built

New development of townhouse villa in Diano Marina - Liguria, Italy


Villa 2G is a family building of ca.250 sqm situated in the hills of the Ligurian Riviera overlooking the sea and the mountains. The linear building is composed of two floors and embedded into a mature olive grove. The volume responds to the surrounding landscape focusing on the main view and sunlight. The existing site was defined by a terraced environment which was maintained in the new project. The impact of the building is highly reduced by inserting the double high space into the land, with the
ground floor partially underground and the first floor extending on the North and South facade onto the garden. The building is situated in a residential environment but responds and preserves the natural scenery and landscape of the existing site.

An important factor on the site were the olive grove and a series of mature pine trees which were integrated into the project, surrounding today the entire villa. Beautiful picture framed views onto the treetops are captured through the large openings creating a rhythm of the facade, which is also inspired by the typical dry stone walls of the Ligurian terraces.


While the layout of the building is developed in a horizontal configuration to respond to the existing landscape, the facade is marked by the vertical central distribution with changing materials and canter leaving balconies and timber canopies. The facade is composed by a rhythm of large windows and natural stone which was retrieved from the site in combination with artisan timber elements and sliding shutters combining beauty and function. Large floor to ceiling high openings with high thermal performance maximize views and natural light melting the inside with the outside. The hidden window frames are embedded into the floor and ceiling, as well as into the external timber cladding and internal lining.


The sliding shutters allow you to transform the entire glazed facade while controlling the solar passive gain of the building. The embedding of the building within the existing trees also plays a key factor in controlling the solar passive overheating. The highly insulated concrete shelf, the thermal mass, the green roof with the efficient control of solar
light and the use of renewable energy only, reduces significantly any thermal disparity and the consumption footprint of the building while obtaining a superior house comfort and air quality. The entrance of the building on the ground floor leads onto a double high staircase, the center of the building. Open views and windows to each side highlight the distribution axes and illuminates naturally the circulation spaces. Going up the stairs to the first floor, the distribution opens on one side to the spacious open plan living.
Generous sliding doors extend the kitchen dining area onto the south facing patio, which functions as a filter zone between inside and outside. The patio offers direct access to the land and the adjacent rock garden and mature olive tree.


The patio is the perfect location for outside dining and lounge. The space is sheltered from the sun and wind and offers breathtaking views towards the sea on the south side and towards the mountains on the west side. To the other side of the villa is the more private sleeping area with 3 double bedrooms and individual outside terraces for each roomm. Each bedroom is composed by a full height and full wide window facing the mountains and the mature pine trees. The master bedroom with ensuite dressing room and bathroom, is facing the garden on the opposite side of the living area with direct access to the land into the olive grove, a beautiful private retreat of the
house. Bathrooms are naturally illuminated and ventilated by large openable skylights and defined by timber furniture and gres tiling in natural earthy colours. The conjunction with the nature offering impressive views over sea and mountains and the exposition towards the sun were key elements for the design and the arrangement of the spaces.


The green roof minimizes the visual impact of the building. The villa is surrounded by Mediterranean essences and the permeability of the terrain is maximized by using a combination of gravel and stone surfaces. Natural sources and materials with local craftsmanship were used to define an environmentally sustainable design.


The interior is defined by a simple timeless design combining high quality pure materials and details, as natural oak timber floors and built in oak furniture.
The design of the kitchen and bedrooms is essential, built in furniture and doors are white in white. The focus lies on the openings offering breath taking views.


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