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Our architectural approach is inspired by the morphology of the surrounding context and its materials. The architecture responds to the orientation and exposition of its environment making the best of views, solar gains and sustainability. All elements are based on a clear concept and motivated by their function and proportion.
Interior Design 

Flowing room arrangement with functional & visual connection, creation of private, semi-private and public areas, transmission between inside and outside, modularized system for maximized spaces and efficiency.


Landscape Design

Design Principles

  1. Respond to the given context and site levels

  2. Follow the line of the surroundings and insert the design into the environment

  3. Green roofs and local materials to integrate design into the surroundings

  4. Sustainibility based on key principles of material domain, economic domain, domain of life,social domain and spiritual domain.


Furniture Design

Bespoke design of build in furniture in line with bespoke furniture elements


- Kitchen

- Bedroom

- Living room

- Dining room

- Library

- Bar

- Tables

- Chairs  

- Beds

- Sunblades

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