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Giordano Hadamik Architects 

Villa M front elevation and terrace

“Our architectural approach is inspired by the morphology of the surrounding context and its materials.


The architecture responds to the orientation and exposition of its environment making the best of views, solar gains and sustainability.


All elements are based on a clear concept and motivated by their function and proportion. "

Daniele Giordano
Nadine Hadamik

New projects on site
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We have reached over 20.000 views!
Villa Nemes featured by @_architetturaurbana_

Follow the link to our first hardcover book publication 'Sustainable home' by Cayetano Cardelus featuring Villa N and our latest publication of Villa SD in Ville&Casali 
together with our project Villa MM, Villa M and Villa SD featured in the 2023 Katalog of Most Beautiful Houses (Special edition Croatia)

June 2023 - Ville & Casali

July 2023 - Hausbau Katalog